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KNX system integration module
The INT-KNX-2 is a module in the form of expander, which combines the functionality of advanced alarm system based on INTEGRA control panel with the KNX system. Combining the INTEGRA system flexibility with a wide range of KNX devices extends the capabilities of both systems. This solution is also associated with cost savings. The capability of using the alarm system keypads to control the KNX devices eliminates the need to purchase expensive KNX control panels.
The INT-KNX-2 module makes it possible to control the actuators by using the panel, while there is also the capability of reverse transfer of information from the KNX system to the control panel. The BTM module is not required for installation, because the INT-KNX-2 is equipped with KNX socket for direct connection to the KNX bus. The module configuration settings are made in the computer with DLOADX program installed. The module can be mounted either inside the enclosure with the control panel or outside of it in the OPU-1 A universal enclosure.


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