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Change everything with one gesture.

Discover the power of gestures

The intelligent SWIPE detects not only simple moves, but combinations of moves as well. The high resolution sensor interprets the most complex commands. You will be surprised by the power of your hands.

Now it's your move

It’s really easy. Raise your hand and swipe it down to turn off the lights. Move your hand up for the color LED lights to turn on and light up the room. Swipe to the right if you want to turn the TV and other electronics off. What is your next move?

Designed to delight

The world's most innovative technology hidden beneath a beautiful, smooth elegant casing. SWIPE is simply perfect in every detail so it impresses in every possible way.

Beautiful, just like you

When displayed, SWIPE can be used as a beautifully designed picture frame and allows you to easily change photos whenever you want. It takes just a moment to remove the front panel and you can relive the memories that bring a smile to your face.

Radio frequency: 868.4 or 869.8 MHz EU

Battery type: 4 x 1.5V AA


Garantija (mēneši): 24
Ražotājs: FIBARO
Ražotāja kods: FGGC-001ZW5WHITEEU
Svars: 0.9 kg
Input/Output connectors
Micro-USB: 1
Krāsa: Balts
Dimensions: 178 x 130 x 29 mm
Shipping box quantity: 1
Unit Brutto Volume: 0.002 cubm
Unit Net Weight: 0.27 kg
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