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Beauty comes from nature, advanced technology from people. FIBARO extracts the essence of both and creates perfection. In conjunction with the immutable laws of architecture and the latest technology, the FIBARO Motion Sensor was created – your eye on the home. Inspired by the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, we have designed the world's smallest, wireless motion sensor and shaped it like a cat's eye. For centuries the cat symbolized a guardian of people and the home. Additionally, it is known as a predator with excellent eyesight, above average hearing and exceptional vigilance. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is as sharp as a cat's eye; it sees wider and farther so it can notice what you are unable to see. It has a wide field of view, long range and is incredibly vigilant. Not only will it make your life more comfortable, but it will also make you feel safer.


Garantija (mēneši): 24
Ražotājs: FIBARO
Ražotāja kods: FGMS-001
Svars: 0.082 kg
Power supply requirements: CR123A battery, 3.0V DC
Dimensions: 76 x 17 x 19 mm
Shipping box quantity: 1
Unit Brutto Volume: 0.0003169 cubm
Unit Net Weight: 0.05 kg
Unit Box Width: 0.065
Unit Box Length: 0.065
Unit Box Height: 0.075
Shipping/Package Box Dimensions
Shipping Box Width: 6.5 cm
Shipping Box Weight: 0.082 kg
Shipping Box Height: 7.5 cm
Shipping Box Depth: 6.5 cm