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Magnetic contact detectors belong to the essential devices of perimeter protection. They are used to protect doors, windows, etc., by triggering alarm when they are open. The S-4 detector is designed for surface mounting by fastening it with screws to window frame, door frame, etc. S-4 consists of two parts placed in stylish enclosures: the reed switch (magnetic) sensor and the magnet. Moving one part away from the other breaks the sensor circuit, which is indicated as a violation. The detector is provided with a tamper contact and an additional terminal M for easy installation of EOL resistor.

S-4 is designed to work with any alarm control panel having NC inputs as well as to be used in automation system as a control element. It meets the requirements of EN 50131-1 and EN 50131-2-6 standards for Grade 2.


Garantija (mēneši): 36
Ražotājs: SATEL
Ražotāja kods: S-4BR
Svars: 0.04 kg
Detector Type: Magnetic contact
Detection technology: Magnetic
Operating temperature range: -30…+55 °C
Krāsa: Brown
Dimensions: 58,5 x 16,5 x 15,2mm
Shipping box quantity: 1
Unit Brutto Volume: 7.88e-005 cubm
Unit Net Weight: 0.024 kg